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Cloud Throw 200x300

Ref. J0615
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Kook Throw 200x300

Ref. J0607
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Wave Throw 240x280

Ref. J0440
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Natte Throw 200x300

Ref. J1006
j1006 throw natte beige white artisanatex stripe
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Velvet Royale Plaid

Ref. J1205
jete J1205 royale velours 3x2 red artisanatex
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Wool Throw 240x300

Ref. J0122
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Geometrique Throw 200x300

Ref. J0427
jeté geometrique ecru green grey j0427 4coté artisanatex
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Kalina Throw 200x300

Ref. J1207
jeté kalina j1207 velours ponpon dark grey artisanatex
  • New

Barroque Velvet Throw

Ref. J1206
jete barroque velours j1206 black artisanatex
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Malva Throw 240x280

Ref. J0439
jetée artisanatex j0439 ecru malva
  • New

Barroque Throw 240x260

Ref. J0428
jetée artisanatex barroque red j0428
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Tie&Dye Throw 180x280

Ref. J0315
jete tie and dye artisanatex  j0315
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Zigzag Throw 200x200

Ref. N0510
jetée zigzag throw plaid artisanatex n0510 rouge

Arabic Jrida Throw

Ref. J0510
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Throw Lurex

Ref. J0909

Tulip Throw

Ref. J1008

Goyave Throw

Ref. J0514

Jeté Bohème

Ref. J0517

Emerald Throw 200x200

Ref. J0515

Reverse Emerald Throw

Ref. J0516

Mirror Throw

Ref. J0413

Throw Makroudha

Ref. J1004

Iris Throw

Ref. J1009

fish Throw

Ref. J1010