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Rode Fouta

Ref. F0606
fouta f0606 rode arbi handmade artisanatex tunisie
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Africa Fouta

Ref. F0609
fouta africa f0609 black red artisanatex
  • New

Grenadine Fouta

Ref. F0608
  • New

Buerry Fouta

Ref. F0603
F0603 fouta arbi burberry losange artisanatex handmade
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Bronze Arbi Fouta

Ref. F0610
fouta arbi bronze blue artisatanex F0610
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Cloud Throw 200x300

Ref. J0615
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Horra Fouta

Ref. F0612
F0612 fouta horra handmade pink ecru artisanatex
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Artu Throw 150x200

Ref. N0602
jete nappe n0602 artu purple artisanatex
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Mankouch Fouta 5C

Ref. F0611
fouta mankouch f0611 arbi blue handmade artisanatex tunisie
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Kook Throw 200x300

Ref. J0607
  • New

FM Fouta

Ref. F0601
fouta FM arbi f0601 ecru lurex black artisanatex
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Wave Throw 240x280

Ref. J0440
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Dyed Sponge Fouta

Ref. F0706
f0706 fouta eponge pink stripe white artisanatex sew
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Natte Throw 200x300

Ref. J1006
j1006 throw natte beige white artisanatex stripe
  • New

Velvet Royale Plaid

Ref. J1205
jete J1205 royale velours 3x2 red artisanatex
  • New

Classic Fouta

Ref. F0104
fouta classique plat red bande artisanatex
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Wool Throw 240x300

Ref. J0122
  • New

Geometrique Throw 200x300

Ref. J0427
jeté geometrique ecru green grey j0427 4coté artisanatex
  • New

Kalina Throw 200x300

Ref. J1207
jeté kalina j1207 velours ponpon dark grey artisanatex
  • New

Barroque Velvet Throw

Ref. J1206
jete barroque velours j1206 black artisanatex
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Ruby Fouta

Ref. F0505
  • New

Malva Throw 240x280

Ref. J0439
jetée artisanatex j0439 ecru malva
  • New

Barroque Throw 240x260

Ref. J0428
jetée artisanatex barroque red j0428
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Tie&Dye Throw 180x280

Ref. J0315
jete tie and dye artisanatex  j0315
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